50 Facts about me

March 04, 2017

Hello my girls. I decided that after 3 years of blogging it's time to share some facts about me. I am an really boring person, so 50 facts were quite a challenge. But I still hope you enjoy thi short post :)

1. I'm 22 years old
2. My birthday is on 31.12. (some people find it really strange)
3. I am studying Visual communication and management
4. I eat pasta at least 4 times a week
5. I love to bake
6. I have social anxiety
7. I don't like parties
8. I am part of a drama club
9. I am 155cm small 
10.  My biggest dream is to own my own company
11. I was anorexic
12. The last year of high school I was home schooled.
13. It took me two years to decide to go to collage.
14. I love to edit books, photos, magazines and videos.
15. I wanted to become a movie director but didn't make it into school.
16. I like to watch anime
Anime: Himoto! Umaru chan
17. I talk before I think
18. Blogging is my passion
19. Autumn is my favorite season
20. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
21. I find it hard to meet people and keep friendships going
22. I am forgetful
23. I find it hard to trust people
24. I love art
25. I smoke
26. I am a vegetarian
27. I am very picky when it comes to food
28. I love stationary (specially fine liners in different colors )
29. My favorite color is baby pink
30. I dislike self-important people
31. I listen to a lot of music genres but my favorite is by far is nu metal
32. I prefer Japanese music artists/bands
33. My favorite anime are Black Butler and Sailor Moon
34.  Favorite non alco drink: water
35. Favorite alcoholic drink: mojito
36. I passed my driving licence test the 4th try
37. I am wearing glasses (sometimes)
38. Ihave one tattoo (for now)
My first tattoo (No I'm not naked on the photo -.-)
39. I am the worst public speaker ever
40. But I like hosting events
41. I worked at a radio station
42. I recently got a job at a TV station
43. I love Japanese street fashion
44. I love DIY-s
45. Travel photography is like therapy for my mind
Trip to Reka (CRO)
46. When I'm stressed, I go for a nice walk in the nature. It clears my head.
47. I want to improve my collaborations with brands, and make them more creative
48. My dad and me are the cooks in the family (we are even writing our own cooking book)
49. 99,5% of my clothes are black 
50. I love change and improvements, so I am always looking for new things I can change and improve.

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