Turning a new page

January 13, 2017

When one book closes another one opens, and gives you blank pages to write on. A new start, new story, new people, new opportunities, basically new everything. Somethings stay same, some you take with you on your new journey and some you leave behind. 

Dear 2016 you have been full of surprises, tough decisions and new paths. I will forever remember it. In this year I attended a lot of blogger events, I even was part of the organization group for the first blogger event in Maribor. I changed my blogs name from Lunxxchi to Nina Novak Blog, and changed my blog design. I worked with a lot of wonderful brands like, Lancome and L'Occitane
In this past year I decided to go to uni, where I met a bunch of new and lovely people. Uni makes me travel everyday to Celje which is quite far away but worth it in the end. 
I ended the year with my try on vlogmas (I failed), an anime convention, at least 3 festive diners with the family and on the last day of the year, I celebrated my birthday. All in one, it was a good year. 

I promise to myself to make 2017 my year.
My blogger goals for this year didn't changed from 2016. I want to keep my beauty and lifestyle posts, but also, I want to make some fashion related posts. Let me know if you would like that. I want to write at least one post a week (didn't start out that well).
Also, I want to make at least one YouTube video a months so subscribe here (click).

I hope you will follow me on my journey this year again. So don't forget to follow my Instagram ( @ninanovakblog ), where I daily update you and reply to your messages.

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