X-Mas & B-Day wishlist

December 15, 2016

I'm sure all of you get asked by your family and friends what do you want for Christmas. For me they also ask for my birthday, since they are basically in  the same week (31.12. If you were wondering). I usually just tell them to give me money, but to those of you who want to buy me something, please no socks and follow this list ;)
1. Terrarium
It's no secret I love everything copper and terrariums. And I have always been looking for something like this.
2. Mickey mouse sunglasses
 Who wouldn't want these cute sunglasses. Aren't they the coolest thing ever.

3. L'Oreal clay mask
Now these launched not a long time ago. I am specially interested in the black one. It suppose to remove your black heads, and from all the reviews I saw till now I am more and more tempted to get my hands on it.

4. Books
I love myself a good book. Lately I have a lot of time for reading since I am traveling to school longer than I probably should. I have a whole list of books I want to read. Just to mention some of them Let it snow - John Green, Girl online on tour and Girl online going solo - Zoe Sugg, Girl on  the train - Paula Hawkins

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