Best of 2016 - Blogger events

December 26, 2016

Soon we will write the last page of the year 2016. Looking back it was a good year. We created wonderful memories, and new friendships. For that I wanted to share a series of "Best of" posts with you. Today starting with blogger events. I haven't attended man, but the ones I did, will stay in my memory forever. Specially the next three. l

1. Lancome event
An event to remember! I had so much fun I can't even tell! Just the opportunity to be there on a event from a brand this big was breathtaking. Amazing food, drinks and the best company ever. 

2. BMULJ 2

The biggest event in Slovenia for bloggers happen again this year, and it was bigger and better than the first time. I learned so many new things how to make my blog bigger and better. It came handy since I changed my blogs name and needed a push to start better. Thought I haven't used everything I can yet. I will definitely change that in 2017. 

3. SummerMBeauty 

The first blogger event in Maribor. How can I not mention it! I helped by the organization together with my three girls Sindi, Ajda and Aleksandra. Girls we got to do it again next year!

I hope next year will bring more days with my blogger friends 

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