Summer legs

July 13, 2016

Since summer finally arrived with perfect temperatures. of course we are all ready for the summer since January, right? not me. I honestly just started to care about how hot is it and how much I miss winter.  Anyway, this summer I decided to go with my family to the sea side, this year our destination is Vir in Croatia. I will be posting a lot of photos from my vacation of course on my Instagram and Snapchat both @Lunx.x, but other than that I will have a week internet detox hah. For sake of that I have been in particular taking care of my legs and skin in general, this post is all about how to get your legs ready for summer. 

If you have been following me for quite a while, you'll know I have extremely dry skin, specially around my foot and elbow aria. so the 4 KidsandUs cream for dry and problematic skin (check post here), has been with me for the past few months, I love to apply it on my feet every night and really massage it in. I usually don't apply nail polish on my toe nails but I thought to change that up for this summer, so I went for this beautiful peachy colour from Avon, I stayed simple and settle. 

You might noticed I feel in love with the new Nivea razors and sawing foam, basically I can't tell how much I like them. You know I am clumsy so I do tend to cut myself which is so annoying and it hurts a lot, but with these I haven't had an accident yet. If you perfer sawing over waxing I totally recommend you to try these combination! It's awesome. Don't forget to moisturise after. 

Last but not least the fight against cellulite got real this year, by now I think I own quite a collection of anti cellulite creams. I am currently using the De Le Roi anti celulite cream (check post here), which I am really enjoying to use. However, I can't wait to try the 4KidsAndUs anti celulite cream eider, I have heard only good things about it. 

With that your legs should be beach ready, so put on your shoes and take your beach bag, enjoy your summer. Don't forget to let me know what do you use for your legs this summer!!

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