Review: Kiko Milano - Luscious cream lipstick

April 10, 2016

I have ordered these lipstick quite a while ago from the Kiko Milano site, but because I asked Ajda from Nyxsbeautyblog order it for me, I haven't got them till recently. Originally I have asked her to order three, but one was sadly out of stock. As I said, the order was placed and since than, I actually forgot which shades I picked out, so when I open them I spent a good 5 minutes admiring them. I picked them out in the shades 511 and 524. Honestly, I barely stopped myself from swatching them imminently. Beauty

As the name tells they are super creamy, yet strongly pigmented, which is the winner for me. also when I swatches them on my hand and tried to remove them afterwards, I noticed they left quite a stain on my skin. Of course the darker the colour, the stronger the stain. They do have a slight scent to them, but it's barely noticeable. In my opinion they smell sugar cake icing (nooom!!).

The shade 511 is almost a true red shade. It's that kind of a shade that would fit literately, anyone.It has just the right pigmentation and it lasts forever on your lips.Out of every single red shade in my lipstick collection I have nothing like these. 524 is a mix of silver, grey and purple. It is one of a kind colour and it's absolutely stunning. Honestly, I would wear this colour everywhere! Needless to say that I am completely in love with these.

I am highly recommending any Kiko Milano lipsticks. They are high quality and worth the money. By teh way they are supper affordable (about 6€) , however the shipping to Slovenia is expensive. So I rather recommend you to order together with a friend so you can split the shipping costs, or take a road trip to the brand new Kiko store in Graz. I hope you have enjoyed this posts as much as I enjoyed writing it. I absolutely love writing lip product reviews, so if you want more just let me know. 

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