My American pancakes

January 19, 2016

Since everyone seam to love my pancakes on Facebook, I thought why not share the recipe with you. It is actually really simple, I looked up so many different recipes online searching for the right one. Me and my friend stumbled across one that seemed simpe and quick. Later I perfected and adjusted it on my own preferences and the final creation turned out so well, that I will share it with you.

What you need? 
~ 3 bowls (2 semi large ones, 1 large one),
~ 3 eggs
~ 1 tea spoon of vanilla extract 
~ 150g of sugar
~ 400g of four 
~ 1 table spoon of baking powder
~ 1 tea spoon of salt
~ Milk 

First you want to combine flour, salt and baking powder in one large bowl and roughly mix it together. Than take two bowls and 3 eggs, separate the egg yolk from the egg whites. Beat together the egg whites until they become stiff. Next you add sugar and vanilla extract to the egg yokes and beat them together until they are well mixed. Than add them to the dry ingredients and add some milk,step by step until you don't get a thick, pasty like consistency. Lastly gently fold in the stiffen egg whites. 

Once your mixture is ready to go, the key to perfectly golden pancakes is well spattered oil, I usually put few drops of oil in the pan and spatter it out with a piece of paper towel. This way your pancakes won't get greasy. Also preheat our pan on medium heat and let it there for your whole cooking time. 

Ps: Turn them when they get bubbly ☺

Don't forget to take photo if you try to make them yourself and please tag me!

Love ♥

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