GOLDEN ROSE Perfect lashes ULTRA VOLUME X4 mascara

October 11, 2015

Let's talk about this mascara today.... The Golden Rose Perfect lashes Ultra Volume mascara is from the packaging to the formula fulfilling all my expectations. With no doubt I can say it's one of the best mascaras I ever tried/owned.
It has this classic fibre(like) wand. the descent size of it is perfect as of course of the top and bottom lashes. But besides the simple packaging and wand I loved the formula. Well, I am not a mascara junky and I don't own many or try a various amount of mascaras, I still am convinced that the formula of this mascara is just simply gorgeous. It leaves my lashes softer than any other mascaras I ever owned. Besides It gives you a really good volume, but because my straight lashes I still need a lash curler. 

Since Golden Rose is a new brand in Slovenia you can find them at their local stores in Ljubljana in BTC City Hala A and in Mercator on Šmartinska 152
More infos to them are on their official Facebook page and Instagram: @goldenroseslovenia .

I hope you enjoyed my short review on this mascara. Let me know if you tried Golden Rose products yet and your thought on them. Don't forget to follow my blog and me on my social media. Beauty

Love ♥ 

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