Hello. By the name on the top of the page I assume you already know my name is Nina. I am 21 years old, Visual Art student from Slovenia. Some of you already know me from my previous blog Lunxxchi. 

Why I changed the name of the blog, the style and basically everything?
After two years of blogging I realized there is nothing else I want to do. I loved it, but my blog was the reflection of the child within me, shortly no one took me seriously. From the day when the blog Lunxxchi was created to today, I grew up quite a bit. My style changed. There was always a big doubt in it. I always wanted to improve my theme, my style of writing and my photos. But with the small improvements I made over the months, I felt like it's not enough. So I decided, to start new, with a blog name that will represent and describe me raw. This is where this blog was born.

I will post more, I will make a schedule that will fit around my classes and studies. You can expect better photos and better texts. I will only post about things I truly love. I will make new continent. Most of my posts will be written in English, unless a brand specifically wants me to add the Slovenian translation.